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Colle delle 100 bottiglie

dum volo deligo

We use organic farming methods, maintaining the old manual processes to ensure the best possible care of the vines. The south-southwest exposure of the vineyards at an altitude of 100-350 metres is ideal. To ensure absolute respect for the raw materials and for the changing seasons, the vinification process is by means of fermentation at controlled temperatures, without the addition of yeasts, with the declared intent of not seeking standardisation of the product. Ageing in steel and/or barrels continues in the bottle.

We produce one white and two red IGT wines. In addition to these, we have two monovarietal wines – a Sirah, a white from a local cultivar saved from extinction, and a passito raisin wine. Together with our wines, we also produce extra virgin olive oil. We cold-press the olives in our company oil mill on the day they are harvested, to ensure total control of the production and absolute perfection of the olives, which is essential for obtaining a superior-quality oil.


Some years ago, when wine was just a passionate pastime, scions were taken from old vines on the estate of two highly experienced elderly winemakers, Giuseppe and Guido Cozzoli, up at Segale, by San Macario in Monte, on the hills north of Lucca, which is renowned for its wine. They were then propagated and planted out in Maolina, another area of the hills, to the north-east of Lucca, equally famous for the quality of its wines.


The first three rows, which will give the company its name “Colle delle 100 Bottiglie”, are planted.



A terrible year to start: the wettest in the century in Lucca, but how could we be scared off? We who have in our cellar in Via Bevilacqua… “drinkwater street”?


Certification of organic production



Creation of the new autochthonous white vineyard


insanity, undertaking to cultivate the land not intensively, using eco-sustainable (organic) methods to allow it to bear fruit, is primarily a matter of respect and gratitude. With passion and good fortune, we “adopted” three abandoned pieces of our beautiful hills, caring for them and returning them to what they were a few years ago: lands of vineyards, olive groves and some fruit trees.
This has given us wine and oil, and more will follow, doing everything right, as they used to say, working hard day after day, season after season, year after year. The rhythms of those who work the land are set by the short, long, and extremely long rhythms of nature, and this has instilled in us the habit of waiting and, when necessary, leaping into action.
Our ambition is, one day, to feel that those abandoned lands have become like gardens.
It would be wonderful if we could all have the privilege of adopting a piece of land: our countryside would be so much more beautiful and, who knows, nature might be saved.

Age of Segale in years
Age of Maolina in years
Number of terroirs
number of grape varieties


Prodotto nella zona di San Macario in Monte con uva Sangiovese prevalente. Presenti in quantità minori:
Ciliegiolo, Canaiolo, Sirah, Moscato rosa e Aleatico. E’ un vino più speziato del P. Bordò e elegante conseguenza della diversa composizione, naturale dei suoli e esposizione. Come sopra Il 2014 ha fatto solo acciaio e bottiglia essendo stata una annata poco soleggiata che non ha offerto un corpo sufficiente per affinamenti in legno.


Pigne Gialle

Vino bianco vinificato alla francese. Le uve sono prevalentemente Vermentino e Trebbiano con percentuali minime di Grechetto, Moscato Bianco e Colombana. Il vino è un 2016 e ha fatto solo acciaio e bottiglia.
E’ un bianco particolare, dai profumi e il gusto insoliti dovuti alla presenza di percentuali minime di uve aromatiche.


Colle delle 100 Bottiglie s.s. soc. agricola

Roberto Giovanni Nannini
The proprietor

A passion that grew bit by bit, first to save the small abandoned family vineyard and later, with surprising opportunities quickly seized, a hobby five years ago. Then, having left his old job in the family enterprise, a new occupation. Moved by his ambition to be worthy of his work, salvaging and bringing out the best of abandoned plots in two historic crus in Lucca, he is dedicated to producing high quality wines and olive oil that are the expression of their land, finding new ways to bring out their hidden treasures to the full.

Guido Cozzoli
The old gentleman

This photo is a tribute. With their incredible knowledge and hard work, Guido and his brother Giuseppe succeeded in conferring nobility and fame upon Segale wine. The wrapping-paper label on the bottles is unmistakable. The last descendants of the Cozzoli family, who lived on the hill at Segale for four centuries, they worked the slope until it became a cru, and the most famous in the Lucca area. With their meticulous approach and brilliant intuition, they created a red with a uniquely distinctive personality, highly sought-after and appreciated by the most demanding palates. Guido and Giuseppe’s precision earned them the nickname “the Swiss”. Their story and that of their wine is yet to be told.

Giampiero e Gabriele Pellegrini
Father and Son

Giampiero. all his life a peasant, has lived and worked as a farmer at Terre del Sillabo, one of the most prestigious wineries in Lucca. Giampiero’s assistance is precious because he has all those ancient insights that are handed down from generation to generation, and built up through sheer hard work, love and observation of nature, which almost always proves more valuable than notions acquired merely through study. Gabriele is his son. Growing up and living on the estate, he inherited his father’s desire as a countryman to live out in the open air and to do hard manual work. With a passion for machines ever since he was a boy, he ended up shifting from tractors to the dream of racing cars and, at an age when one usually says goodbye to one’s steering wheel, he made it come true, taking part in some races and astonishing everyone with his talent as a rally driver.