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Olive oil

A range of organically farmed extra-virgin olive oils, with extremely low peroxide and acidity values and high polyphenolic content, ensured by rapid pressing. Cold-pressing in our mini (two-phase) press on the day of harvesting prevents potentially harmful contamination with unknown batches of olives as well as avoiding degradation of the drupes. The result is an olive oil of the highest quality.



A beautifully balanced oil with a fresh scent and a slightly tangy taste, delicately fruity, also with some spicy overtones. A generally delicate oil that is perfect with fish dishes.



A very fresh oil, initially with an intense green colour, it has an appreciable vegetality and is intensely fruity, with hints of fresh grass, artichoke and green almond. This extra-virgin olive oil is of excellent quality: stylish, aromatic, full-flavoured and fruity.



Clear appearance, medium fluidity, and green in colour. The bouquet has balsamic, almost mentholated overtones reminiscent of nettle, with a black-pepper finish. The flavour is pervasive and spicy, with hints of bay leaves, thistle and medicinal herbs, with a powerful, elegantly herbaceous connotation. The Moraiolo is distinctive as a variety of great quality.



Sweetly fruity, with hints of almond on the palate, delicate traces of bitterness, pleasantly spicy on the finish, the Multivarietale is a blend of different varieties of olives. The taste is harmonious, with the flavours and fragrances of the traditional olive oils of our hills around Lucca.